Live mobile phone alerts via discord

Knife Alerts,
Flashlight Alerts,
EDC Pen Alerts.

Looking for hard to find second-hand EDC gear? We’ve got your back! We’ll keep an eye out for your favorite knives, flashlights, and pens, and ping you the second they’re available.


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How This Works

Each discord channel follows a specific knife.
Once you follow your desired channel you will receive live alerts to your phone or desktop computer the instant someone posts one available on the second hand market. 

live mobile & Desktop knife alerts

Keeping you updated, No effort required.

Good deals & rare items sell out within minutes.
Get instantly notified so you can YOLO first!


Daily Alerts


Fee to use Service

Why Use this? 

Never miss out on your desired EDC gear again!

We monitor the market for high demand EDC items and serve you with instant alerts when they become available.

Highly Desirable Rare Items

Our service spots and alerts you the moment coveted EDC gear hits the market, ensuring you get the first YOLO!

The Deal of a Lifetime

Missed a sweet deal and wished you'd spotted it first? With our alert service, you'll be the first to know about epic bargains. No more missed opportunities!

Know What's Hot

Want the inside scoop on which knives are set to soar in value or are hot with collectors? Our service has got you covered. Stay in the know with us!


Simple Pricing Model

We are currently in Beta so the service is free to everyone.
I have included a donation button if you feel the service is helpful.







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Are you seeking a specific knife, flashlight, or EDC pen that's not currently on our radar?

Post your desired item on the


channel within our discord.  

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